Tips on how to use your credit card safely when making online payments

According to a Positive Technologies report, there are attackers the can access sensitive information like personal data from nearly each online banking institution. Several online banks do have critical vulnerabilities that can possibly be the cause, if exploited, of major havoc of their financial institution. Nearly fifty-four percent of the online banks do get victimized by the theft of funds and fraudulent transactions.


The sword of Damocles

Most online banks have the prevailing threat that hangs upon their accounts like a sword of Damocles, as attackers will always try to find a way to get unauthorized access to bother the clients’ accounts and even that of the bank to get details such as payment orders and account statements.

Using credit cards online

Using your credit card online can be a scary thing as the threat of hackers and identity thieves are a very real threat that everyone should be vigilant about. You might have watched the news and found out about how identity theft and unauthorized credit card transactions made the person have an enormous financial problem. How can you make online credit card payment safely? 

Here are a few online safety tips:

Only use trusted websites

Hackers and fraudsters go out of their way to trick you into getting the information that they need to steal from you. This is especially true when it comes to the internet. There are so many sites that offer you the most amazing deals in products or services that you are sure to want or need.

Check the website before making an online payment

However, you should make it a point to check that website out before going ahead and typing in your credit card information. Be sure that they are trusted sites with all the right certifications to ensure your card details are safe from theft. Don’t just click on any link and make a purchase right away. Take a moment to see if they are legit before going ahead with anything.

Don’t make credit card transactions while using public computers or public WiFi

Using a public computer or even making a transaction using a public network can open you up to a whole lot of risks. There are hackers that lurk everywhere and target those that use public WiFi to steal sensitive information such as credit card details that they can use to make an unauthorized transaction. 

Your data might get sold 

Much of the stolen information will end up with those elements that thrive online in the Dark Web. The stolen data can be sold for around twenty-two dollars, and that data can mean financial devastation to the account holder.

Cybersecurity measures 

There are security measures that online banking institutions have implemented such as no longer using those one-time passwords for authentication. Some banks make it a point to remind their clients that the password that they are using also needs to frequently replaced. The online banking industry constantly adds cybersecurity measures, but attackers have sophisticated software, and it is best for the individual to use these easy tips to ensure their online credit card payment transactions remain safe.